Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunfest Countdown!!

Behind the scenes of a big art show like sunfest is pure crazy days!! Lots of fabric, tents, bags, new items, packing, everything happening at once!! So I
thought you might like a peek at a new item we will be doing over the summer! Super cute ladies tunic/dress, perfect for hot weather! And we have little girls to match! Sis Boom fabrics never looked so good as in sunny south Florida!! Show hours at sunfest are Friday 5-10, Sat 12-10, and Sun 12-10!! See you soon or email us your orders!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Lots of you know that my daughter, Katie, is expecting her little boy anyday now!! We are soooooo excited!! While we wait, we are also preparing for Sunfest, the last art show of the winter season here! So we have lots of fun things going on to be sure!! Keep posted, and i will put a picture up of our new little grandbaby as soon
as he shows up!! Talk to you soon!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Delray Affair Was AWESOME!!

Thank you everyone who came by to say hello at the Delray Affair and scoop up
some of our goodies!! We loved seeing all of you and your sweet adorable babies!
Send us some pictures of your little ones in our outfits! We just heard our favorite
fabric designer, Jennifer Paganelli, is releasing another wonderful batch of fabrics, so get ready, here comes more new incredible things!! See you all at Sunfest on May 1st!!!