Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Halter Dress!!

Forty Toes Photography is really amazing! Look at these pictures of the new

little halter dress we are doing for spring! What a gifted lady with an adorable

little girl!! We are so blessed to have her do these shots for us!! Thank you to

Jennifer Paganelli of SisBoom for the sneakpeek halter dress pattern, just

wonderful and her fabrics are our favorites!!


  1. great pics and such a cute dress!!

  2. ok, I have to ask. WHERE can I buy your stuff? I am in love with so many items and I want some for my own little girl :)

  3. hi ursula! thank you so much!! we have etsy sites or you can email us with your order, so just come by our store in Delray Beach called Harveys on First, or we will be doing the Delray Affair and Sunfest artshows in Palm Beach County!!

  4. So cute Judy! Makes me so excited for the book! How wonderful to get a sneak peak! And what is your etsy shop name. I missed that somehow! Love your work.