Sunday, January 30, 2011

Whoooo Whoooo Whooooo

Well, it is time to start up production for our upcoming art shows and of

course we want some new and exciting goodies for all our peeps!! So,

here is a little picture of our new little owl friend, whoooo goes perfectly

with our new rumba skirts and little jackets....oh, its gonna be good!!


  1. what is your email girl? I emailed you forever ago via a response to your post on my blog but I am not sure you got it. Now I am wondering if you have been getting any of my responses! haha! I have blibber blabbered away to every post you put on my blog but I don't know if you have been getting them.

  2. haha!! its and i need your address for a little surprise i have for you!!

  3. Okay I am just now remembering to check here! I think our emailing between each other is broken which means I have been writing novels back to (or whatever it is) instead of you! Hahaha! Noreply has lots of Sisboom and Hickity Pickity glow in it. OH that cracks me up. Well just know that EVERY time you comment on my blog I wrote you back. Gonna email you my address again. I am confident it will work now! Thank you!