Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Such Nice Folks in Virginia!!

I am back from Virginia and boy did i meet some nice people!! Thanks for all your
kind words and support!! Now, on to Christmas goodies and there is lots to do!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! You have me squinting at the screen! Is that whole cloth piece of fabric or did you piece it? It looks so LILY!!! Very pretty!
    Oh and everytime I see your profile name, I think of this little saying my daughter learned at Kindermusik "Hickity pickity buttercup, how many fingers do I have up?" The you count the fingers the teacher has up. It comes into my head EVERY TIME!

    Too bad you don't live in Texas. My son's school has vendors come in and sell during our school(whole families come in for it) Thanksgiving Feast. Your booth would be such a welcomed addition! But its a small show so it wouldn't be worth coming out here for a few hours. Do you do the Junior League shows? You should. I am in the League here and our Ole Marketplace is well attended and usually well worth it for our vendors. THAT'S something you should be doing where you are at!